I have been in the public art arena since 1979. My interests are to work with site/responsive, site-determined concepts. My slides show the breadth of my creative investigations which include; references to history, landscape, view corridors, audience involvement, building function and the general interest of those utilizing the site. History, place, light/space art, interactive/participatory and kinetic art are important references. I work with a wide variety of materials and numerous technologies. I tend to work from both macro and micro viewer experiences, sometimes utilizing humor and combining formal esthetics with iconography.


My concerns and approach to each project include: Historical, community and other related research; Project committee’s interests; Community involvement; Site options and possibilities for inter-active elements. I have done numerous pieces involving setting up neighborhood/city meetings to bring a sense of ownership and place, making the art through dialogs and giving the public insight into my conceptual processes. I am now utilizing an industrial machine shop to help develop systems to incorporate the use of pneumatics or air pumps into sculptural elements to create a variety of movements and sounds. I also have experience using water as a design element, creating fountains and faux rivers. These techniques married with the processes of programmable, solar powered lighting techniques could add a complete and compelling interactive quality to your community project, interacting with residents and passerby pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.